Premium Financing

Do you have clients with substantial assets who need life insurance but don’t want to liquidate assets to pay the premium?

Perhaps a client who:

  • Is real estate rich, but cash poor?
  • Owns a business that is capital intensive?
  • Has a portfolio that is providing a high rate of return?

The benefits of premium financing for high net worth clients include:

  • Little or no impact on business or investment portfolio
  • Low current net out of pocket cost to obtain life insurance coverage
  • Potential for favorable interest rate on financed premiums
  • A choice of paying interest currently out of pocket or deferring to future years

AIB has relationships with some of the leading lenders for premium financed life insurance. We have vendors that offer fixed or floating rate loans, tailored to your client’s personal situation.

Premium Financing is available to individuals, trusts, corporations, or similar entities. In order to secure a premium financed policy, your customer must meet the underwriting requirements for the life insurance company. Additionally, they must qualify financially for the third party loan.

Who is a candidate?

  • Minimum Net Worth of $5,000,000
  • Minimum Annual Premium of $50,000 for needed life insurance protection
  • People comfortable borrowing money

Keep your client’s investment portfolio intact. Contact your premium financing representative, Steve Arnold, for an assessment today at (702)-235-1051