Policy Review

Do you know why a policy review is crucial to the overall success of your financial plan.  Are you getting what you are paying for.  Have you taken advantage of changes in products, guarantees, and premium reductions in the market place.  Will your policy lapse if you don’t make the necessary changes?  Do you have the most cost efficient policy available?  We can help you answer all of these questions with our No Obligation, Comprehensive & Impartial Report that outlines how your current policy(s) matches up against the competition of top rated companies in the market place.  An objective Second Opinion is a valuable tool when evaluating the health of your financial plan.

Time for a policy review? A review of your current policy could

* Help Avoid Lapses
* Find Annual Premium savings
* Extend policy performance or provide stronger guarantees

65% -75% of Life Insurance Policies are underperforming, are at risk of lapsing, or could be replaced at a lower cost with the same or better guarantees!

80% of Professional Trustees have NO guidelines or procedures for handling trust-owned life insurance.

95.3% have no policy statements on how to handle asset allocation within variable policies.*
*Trusts and Estates Magazine, May 2003

Policy review is a complimentary service where we work with Policy holders, Agents, Trustees, Attorneys and Estate Planning professionals to improve Life Insurance coverage. AIB will put together a professional and detailed report after our review that includes the following:

1. Carrier Financial Strength
2. Projected Policy Performance and Associated Risks
3. Premium Evaluation (can policy be obtained less expensively)
4. Determine Appropriate Coverage (Including Guarantees)
5. Evaluation of Current Health Classification in Light of Medical Advancements and Relaxed Underwriting Standards
6. Review of Owner and Beneficiary Information for accuracy

What effect do the changes in CSO tables have?

The arrival of a new CSO table poses a significant strategic business challenge for all life insurance companies. The underlying mortality table is a fundamental part of the structure of all life insurance policies and all products must be brought into compliance by the Jan. 1, 2009, mandatory adoption date.

* The Newest CSO tables were updated in 2001
* CSO tables are only occasionally updated
* The last three updates were 1958, 1980, and 2001
* This means policies updated after 2001 have better guarantees
than policies sold under the old CSO tables
* Newer policies will often have better guarantees than the The new
customer’s present policy, at the same or lower premium.
* CSO table is good news for your clients!

Example Case Study

Download an example case study here.